Our Story

Rootstock is a concept based on a foundation and passion for Old World wines. Throughout the portfolio, there is a healthy mix of classic and progressive producers who share the same passion about viticulture as we do. Food and wine has always been a passion of ours along with travel and culture. If you want to learn about the wines, travel to the region, eat the food and speak to the growers.

We believe dogma is the enemy in the wine world so we stay flexible in our selection with one common truth that must always be present: The wine has to be well made and we have to want to drink it. We like organic wines, Biodynamic, sustainable, and natural wines but most importantly the passion behind the wine making and the quality in the bottle must be there. We believe that the wine making takes place in the vineyards, and the vinification process is the guiding hand of the winemaker taking the soil to the bottle. Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy the wines we have hand selected for Texas.